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«SUSHI’N’ROLL» is the fast-food restaurant that combines Italian and Japanese cuisine. This combination is very popular in the West by the principle of fusion cuisine. We work in fast and casual format, providing our customers a first-class food from fresh and quality ingredients.

Fusion cuisine is
 the direction of cookery, the essence of which consists in the integration and combination of the elements of various culinary traditions.


One of our indisputable competitive advantage is a delicious healthy, and mostly important, wholesome food in the fast food format. We use only fresh and quality ingredients for cooking. We do not store food off the shelf. Our cooks prepare them in the same instant.


We have chosen the most popular dishes from a huge variety of Japanese cuisine and we have included them into our menu. Our cooks prepare them perfectly and our guests always order them.


Italian cuisine is recognized as one of the best in the world. We use the traditional Italian products of the highest quality to prepare salads with the fresh vegetables, tasty soups, hot pizza and hearty pasta, and many other tasty dishes.


We are guided by fusion philosophy in everything, including the selection of the team. Employees of «SUSHI’N’ROLL» are people with different experiences, temperament and approach to work. They all together always find non-standard and effective decisions.


The team already has a successful experience in creating a chain operating in a fast-food format. Due to our efforts, the network Sushi-bars "Sakura" quickly won popularity and has become a recognizable brand.

 health an tasty food 
is the same way 
of self expressions for us, as Rock'n'Roll for Elvis.