Les Copains

Les Copains


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Les Copains is one of the world’s most popular Italian premium fashion brands. It was founded in 1950s, when Italy was on the forefront of the global fashion industry. The beginning of the brand history was not a trivial one. Well-known collector and fashion connoisseur Mario Bandiera arrived in France on vacation. At that time, the Les Copains, or Friends, song was extremely popular in resort towns. When one of Mario’s acquaintances encouraged him to engage in the clothing production during a get-together, the brand name came by itself.

Today Les Copains is not just one of the most famous Italian brands, rather a modern trandsetter, which managed to embrace the image of true Italian quality.

The brand’s monoboutique has already come in Almaty and is waiting for its first customers on the 3rd floor of the Mall.