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from 11:00 to 22:00

Having the whole family shopping in Esentai Mall, you have the opportunity to leave the child for 30 minutes or more under the supervision of experienced professionals in the children's art studio KidsArt. KidsArt – a special world where the baby opens amazing opportunities. Revealing the talents of the child in different directions the studio gives the possibility to express themselves.

Creative art is not only fascinating, they, besides, perfectly develop such abilities, as a small motility of fingers, logical thinking, performing, practical and cognitive independence, color perception, spatial imagination and others.

In KidsArt children are offered master classes with elements of art therapy for drawing, including drawing on the water, the art of pottery, quilling, soap making, bead weaving, origami, and other forms of art.

KidsArt is located on the 4th floor of the Mall.