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The Austrian FREYWILLE brand was founded by Michaela Frey in 1951. The beautiful enamels the designer used to decorate her jewelry brought the company international fame. Today, as in the past, the distinguishing feature of FREYWILLE jewelry is unique handmade enamel pieces. So that FREYWILLE products have a unique design and superb quality.  

FREYWILLE has a wide selection of diamond jewelry and the brand offers a separate line of men’s jewelry. The trademark collections are regularly replenished with exclusive new designs. Along with jewelry, Frey Wille also makes fine pens, silk scarves and kerchiefs. FREYWILLE designers strive not only to create elite jewelry and accessories, but also to give customers a sense of joy and love. The company’s managers believe that jewelry should adorn people’s lives and bring something positive to it. 

FREYWILLE boutique is located on the 1st floor of the mall.