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Esentai Gourmet


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Esentai Gourmet opened on October 20, 2012 as the only premium class delicatessen in Kazakhstan. Esentai Gourmet is a totally new approach to creating a customized menu from high-quality products and delicatessen from around the world. Its outstanding feature is healthy, high-quality food that’s always fresh. The deli’s assortment will satisfy the demands of the most exacting and sophisticated food lovers.

It offers more than 5,000 name brand products, including 2,000 exclusive products available only at Esentai Gourmet.  There is a large selection of handmade Beligan chocolates that a sold in renowned department stores like Harrods, Lafayette and KaDeWe.   Esentai Gourmet is pleased to offer a collection of the finest olive oils, and a selection of cheeses from around the world, including goat and sheep’s milk cheese with truffles, hard cheeses, blue cheeses, washed red rind cheeses and other traditional varieties.  In our deli meat selection you will find dry-cured Spanish jamón and the famous prosciutto. 

Esentai Gourmet is based on the concept of a take-out restaurant and has a large selection of choice delicatessen gifts.   Buying products from Esentai Gourment is a real pleasure!