Erwin Sattler

Erwin Sattler


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Erwin Sattler is German’s oldest manufactory. It has acquired undisputed authority in the world thanks to its high-precision watches and unique watch accessories. Erwin Sattler’s masterpieces can rightly serve as a benchmark. The watch manufacturing process is meticulously planned. The company has its own laboratory equipped with the most advanced tools, which allows you to simulate natural phenomena in order to subsequently reduce their undesirable influence on clockworks. By improving technology, Erwin Sattler’s hereditary watchmakers are looking for new ideas to present the world with high-design products.

Creating their watch works, Erwin Sattler’s masters have always been guided by the only principle: “We create watches we would like to have ourselves.” 

The Erwin Sattler boutique is located in the jewelry area on the 1st floor of Esentai Mall.