Coffеe & Parfait Bar

Coffеe & Parfait Bar




from 10:00 to 24:00

Coffee & parfait bar is a place to have fun and relax. A bright interior and friendly staff won’t make you bored. In the coffee shop you can treat yourself with tasty and healthy Carry Berry ice yogurt and enjoy the stunning Italian coffee under famous brand Segafredo.

The menu will give you a huge choice of drinks and cocktails. Our guests can always enjoy fresh sandwiches, salads and desserts. The main pride of Coffee & parfait bar is frozen yogurt, a low-calorie and low-fat product containing live bifidobacteria that are of great use for our health. It is cooked daily, so it is always fresh and easily digestible. 100 g yogurt contains only 127 kcal and less than 2% fat — that’s why it’s so light!

Coffee & parfait bar is located on the 4th floor of Esentai Mall.